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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • Wet Weather Fun and Children's Games - Lunch Box Tombola

    Posted on July 22, 2012 by admin

    When its raining outside and kids need to burn off some energy its can be hard to come up with some new games to play, so we have put together a few of our favourite children's games here.

    Its time to play Lunch Box Tombola!

    You will need:
    One empty lunch box
    A4 paper
    Pen or pencil
    2 or more players aged 3+

    If you need a Lunch box or Lunch bag, we have Big and Small ones in store now:

    Take your piece of paper and fold it into half, half again, half again and finally half again. Now you have 16 rectangles. Write a letter into each one and then tear along the lines so you have each letter in a separate piece of paper.

    Now scrunch them up and put all 16 into a empty lunch box.

    Each player takes a turn to choose a piece of paper, they have to think of an animal that starts with the first letter that they have on their piece of paper and then make the noise of the animal.

    The other players have to guess the animal.

    If you need new Lunch boxes or Lunch bags for back to school - we have a great range online.


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  • Summer Holiday Indoor Fun and Games - The How Many Game

    Posted on July 21, 2012 by admin

    So, the weather is not on our side - and the kids are stuck indoors and need some thing to keep them all happy and off the sofa!

    This is other favourites as its quick and easy and typically the kids find the lost spare car keys and other things that you thought we gone forever

    You will need
    One empty lunch box or Lunch bag per player
    2 or more players aged 3+

    If you need a lunch boxes or Lunch bags we have a great range, the Angry birds one below is a popular choice:

    Give the players 5 mins (or more) to put as many different things into their lunch box.

    The winner is the one with the most items - you could set them a rule that they need to have unique things or one from selected rooms.

    Let us know how you get on and what your kids manage to squeeze in to their lunch box and lunch bag's

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  • Have fun with some of our indoor wet weather summer holiday games - Fishing For Lunch!

    Posted on July 21, 2012 by admin

    If you have kids playing indoors during the summer holidays and the weather isn't playing along why not try out some of our fun indoor wet weather summer holiday games.

    'Fishing  for Lunch' is one for slightly older kids, but even the littlest ones will enjoy it.

    You will need:
    An empty lunch box (If you get stuck how about a great range of Lunchbag's)
    Sticky tape
    A4 paper
    Pen or pencil

    Fold a piece of paper into half, half again, half again and finally half again. Now you have 16 rectangles.

    Draw a fish on 4 of the pieces of paper, cut out the 16 rectangles and then scrunch up all the pieces and put them into an empty lunch box.

    Each player wraps a piece of sticky tape around a finger with the sticky facing out.

    Now each takes a turn to stick their finger in to fish for their dinner.

    The winner is the first to get a fish and gets to help choose lunch for the day.


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  • Wet weather Indoor Games... Walk the Tight Rope!

    Posted on July 20, 2012 by admin

    OK... the sun is shining outside... but there are rain clouds on the way - time to think up some fun indoor games for the kids during the wet weather days of the summer holidays.

    If you have little kids and they love a challenge....get them to  'Walk the Tight Rope'

    You will need:
    A Long Scarf or String / Rope
    An Empty Lunch Box (We have few lunch boxes to choose from)
    A Ball or 2 (or  a couple of Oranges / Apples)

    Place your Scarf / String / Rope along the floor - either in a line or a wiggly shape.

    Now the players need to line up at one end and holding their lunch box in front of them - and  Walk the Tight Rope... when they get to the end, place a ball on top of their bag and they can turn around and walk back... without dropping the ball.

    If you want to make it harder place two balls on the Lunch box, or start with one and get a second one when go back. If you started with a straight line, make it wiggly or longer or go over / under obstacles.

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  • Wet Weather Indoor Games - Story Bag

    Posted on July 19, 2012 by admin

    Continuing our theme of making the most of the summer holidays even if the weather isn't so great, we have another wet weather indoor games for you and the kids to play.. Story bag (If you need a bag we have a great range of back packs and bags online now)

    You need
    A school bag or back pack
    5 Props from around the house
    2 Players aged 4 + but the more the better!

    Have a look around the house and choose 5 items to put into the bag without the kids seeing them. Get all the kids to sit in a circle and take out the first item - the first player starts a story using the item as a prop. Once the story is underway, take the next item out for the next player to continue the story and let the story go on and on…

    There are no winners - which should keep all the kids happy - but it's lots of fun.

    If you want you can start the story off, with a theme or get the eldest child to start - soon all the kids will want their turn, and if you enjoy the game let us know what props and stories you used.


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  • Wet Weather Fun and Games this Summer Holiday - Lunch Box Finger Football

    Posted on July 19, 2012 by admin

    With the weather being less than ideal and the Summer Holidays almost upon us, it's time to start planning for some wet weather fun and games at home. So, here is our guide for this Summer Holiday to keep the kids happy without breaking the bank.

    How about a free game.. Finger Football!

    You will need:
    2 Lunch boxes
    Flat Surface
    1/2 a piece of A4 paper
    Minimum of 2 Players aged 3+

    Take your piece of paper and scrunch it up into a ball. Now postition your empty lunch boxes a few feet apart and facing each other - these are your Goals.

    A One Direction Sandwich box makes perfect Finger Football Goals!

    You can either play 1 against 1, not forgetting half time end change or re-live one the low points in English football and have a penalty shoot out!

    Either way, its a quick low cost fun wet weather game that kids love to play.

    And if you are in need of some goals, we have a huge range of Lunch boxes and children's favourite character toys, games and party supplies.

    So, let us know how you get on.. and look out for more of our favourite wet weather games.


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