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Fireman Sam - Still our Hero Next Door!

Posted on March 12, 2013 by admin There have been 0 comments

With some* of our staff young enough to remember Fireman Sam on their TV's when they were small we're delighted to see that it's still a household favourite all these years later! *Those who aren't in this category shall remain nameless.

Defying his age, Fireman Sam still races around Ponty Pandy helping out his friends. In an age when there are now hundreds of children's licenses to choose from, this is no mean feat. Sam has seen several newbie licenses come and go during his time we are sure.

This got us thinking about what the best formula is for a children's licensed TV show. A good moral story line surely appeals to parents wanting to teach their kids valuable early lessons, bright colours and fun 3D animation certainly gets the kids attention! Plus a general all round nice person who kids like and some no doubt want to be when they grow up! Basically Fireman Sam seems to have the perfect formula.

We are delighted to still stock Fireman Sam toys, party supplies and gift ware after all this time. With no sign of slowing down and retiring, we're sure Sam has a long time ahead of him on our screens.  Visit our Fireman Sam section for the latest toys just in stock. http://www.heroesforkids.co.uk/fireman-sam/toys-gifts-playsets.html

To get your fill of Sam in between shows, visit his official site:


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