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Have fun with some of our indoor wet weather summer holiday games - Fishing For Lunch!

Posted on July 21, 2012 by admin There have been 0 comments

If you have kids playing indoors during the summer holidays and the weather isn't playing along why not try out some of our fun indoor wet weather summer holiday games.

'Fishing  for Lunch' is one for slightly older kids, but even the littlest ones will enjoy it.

You will need:
An empty lunch box (If you get stuck how about a great range of Lunchbag's)
Sticky tape
A4 paper
Pen or pencil

Fold a piece of paper into half, half again, half again and finally half again. Now you have 16 rectangles.

Draw a fish on 4 of the pieces of paper, cut out the 16 rectangles and then scrunch up all the pieces and put them into an empty lunch box.

Each player wraps a piece of sticky tape around a finger with the sticky facing out.

Now each takes a turn to stick their finger in to fish for their dinner.

The winner is the first to get a fish and gets to help choose lunch for the day.


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