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Summer Holiday Indoor Fun and Games - The How Many Game

Posted on July 21, 2012 by admin There have been 0 comments

So, the weather is not on our side - and the kids are stuck indoors and need some thing to keep them all happy and off the sofa!

This is other favourites as its quick and easy and typically the kids find the lost spare car keys and other things that you thought we gone forever

You will need
One empty lunch box or Lunch bag per player
2 or more players aged 3+

If you need a lunch boxes or Lunch bags we have a great range, the Angry birds one below is a popular choice:

Give the players 5 mins (or more) to put as many different things into their lunch box.

The winner is the one with the most items - you could set them a rule that they need to have unique things or one from selected rooms.

Let us know how you get on and what your kids manage to squeeze in to their lunch box and lunch bag's

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